Friday, November 02, 2012

Winding down and Training Up..

Its the time of the year again, where all the activities start to wind down and nothing much is happening in school. All the teens are out for their holidays and the teachers are taking their annual leave to get out of Singapore.

As much as work has almost come to a complete stop, training would only have to ramp up knowing that I have a race to look forward to. It was interesting how I came across the race only just recently and I never knew about it until the girlfriend introduced me to it. Well, it really has been pretty challenging knowing that I never got around to taking training that seriously especially after the multitude of injuries plaguing me lately. Ankle, Shoulders, neck. Its all just been a mess for the body and worse still for my mind.

Mega tri is round the corner and I just hope that I can train enough for it to last the distance. Its not going to be easy knowing the injuries I have sustained have not fully cleared up yet. Let's just make the 2 months on be as fruitful as it can be. All the best to me:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Amy Cheong is a conspiracy theory..

Amy Cheong was a conspiracy. She may not have existed in the first place because she was never seen live in person. All we saw was a fb photo and that's all we took for a real person. It could probably be a big fallacy created by big brother to gain favour with its voters, knowing how much we have been misguided by their principles as a labour union. Who really knows that all the public statements were all a part of a plan to observe Singaporeans through a social experiment; to observe the sentiments of the general public regarding such comments online. A clever ploy to discern the sentiments of netizens who have a big role to play in influencing its voters toward its side. It could have well been an information gathering exercise to observe on the ground influence social media has on the reality of a racial outburst. Why were charges pressed against the two 17 year old kids but there was no news of Amy Cheong being charged whatsoever? I really don't believe the organisation had such a fantastic platform where they learnt about the information so fast and fired the lady. It is too efficient, too unbelievable. It is a very clever social experiment.. indeed it is...

Friday, September 28, 2012

PE teacher's Exam Blues...

I need more pictures to upload cos these days apparently without any pictures people won't come to your blog. Anyway, the past few days has been rather dull, its not been the same without lessons and little action in the pe room. Everyone's walking around from class to class just enduring the day for invigilations. Spent alot of time talking to my colleagues though. Been fun knowing all the tips and tricks that they use to pass by the time at work. They would warn me that it can be rather stressful during the killer terms in term 1 and 2. Everybody would get sooo worked up and markings would be up to their deskload, not forgetting the committee work that we will be put through. Part and parcel of the experience they say, cause it can't get any worse.. Or can it? I'm pretty glad im starting to write again on my blog so I know my thoughts can be put out somewhere in the world to see. I won't really bother putting it up for the public to see but well, if there are people in the world interested then feel free:) Training has gone to another level for me because I've been focusing alot on strength training with calisthenics and other body weight exercises. Its my own personal experiment to test and see whether it can change my physique and surprisingly i've been observing results. My running fitness has been rather disappointing knowing that I've stopped running since the end of the 10k AHM race. It was one race I would not want to register for again. Got injured, lousy routes.. Just not the experience I would want for a race. I'm going to focus on my basic form again and emphasize on improving my aerobic fitness. I can understand why anyone needs to put in the discipline to train for triathlons. It can be a lonely road where few would ever thread and the road to success can be a roller coaster ride. Looking forward to my next post. Till then, paddleswimcyclerun to you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rantings of a Physical Education Teacher

It has been already 3 weeks since I started my new career as a Physical Educator and it has been a real eye opener to the world of school from behind the scenes. I know for sure that my lifestyle has taken a step in a positive direction and I've been regaining my health and vitality being in this position as compared to my previous occupation. My exercise regimen has been critical to my comeback in sports since the day I ended my competitive paddling days in University. Who knew I would start to pursue triathlons as part of my fitness goals. I've been able to do most of the things I so long had a passion for, creating for myself goals to exceed my physical limitations. Work wise, its been so different and the realities of working in the civil service shows its facade in a different light. Teaching Physical Education in schools has never been tougher in these times where few recognise physical education as an inclusive part of a child's development and parents see the need to focus on the child's head instead of their bodies. Met wonderful colleagues who share with me the ups and downs of teaching, be it in PE or their other subjects; the bits and pieces of being a teacher in a pressure cooker environment that is prevalent in Singapore's education system. Well this post shall be a new beginning to a new era of my adventures as a Physical Educator and my pursuit of excellence in fitness and health. The pursuit to my dreams of inspiring the next generation.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

My New Year Resolutions

Well, it seems to be that time of the year where I start to recollect my thoughts about how I'm going to bring to action my new year resolutions. I guess I don't have any real resolutions apart from just making my last semester the best one i ever had. Its going to be real tough, but I know I can make it as fun. Too many excuses of too little time is really no real excuse. I think time can be better managed doing something worthwhile.

Having a chat with ZM really helped my realign my thoughts. I guess what he did mention was true, in all sense of the word and many of those thoughts in the past still lingers on. i still miss those days of cheerfulness, happy go lucky days where a day passes without the thought of my future. Though my future may look dismal now, I suppose thinking about it positively won't hurt either. It'll help to bring back the motivation I've lost for the things I've always wanted to do.

I'm glad I've started to be more conscious and attentive about the things I'm doing. Its really making me start to be very very focused. I guess i can't help but stay busy. Especially when the girlfriend herself is busy. I dunno how things will go but it seems pretty blunt the way I see it. I'm just going to take it a step at a time to see how things will go from here. Life is too short to be worrying about stuff. i need to live it the way I like it.

Here's to a GREAT 2011 for me!! I wish myself all the best of luck and happiness for the great things to come! Cheers!!

Friday, November 05, 2010

The world of Marketing

I think its gonna be a challenge to keep up with the meetings and deadlines but that's the way it is. I need to get really lucky for the upcoming presentations if I were to get as close to a B. it is really mind blowing how students like us can come up with so many business ideas. Going through them, I know there must be some way, someone will pull out something out from these ideas and make this idea a reality. Well, the F&B industry is really tricky, knowing that consumer tastes change so fast, you won't know what's the next big thing. Frolick is now a thing of the past and Koi became the future of take away. Its really amazing how people's choices change so fast. Its as if something or someone is pulling them to make these impulse decisions to spend money when they know they don't need to. I can definitely conclude and positively guarantee, that no one ever is rational when they buy anything. They may say its truely rational, but only people like us know that humans buy based on pure emotions. Its scary but extremely exciting. the world of marketing.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Staying focused

It wasn't really a good day today, especially since I started sneezing since I woke up in the morning. Runny nose seriously spoilt the mood for almost everything I wanted to do today. Luckily my plans were not ruined because of the flu bug, if not I would have very likely stayed in bed doing nothing. That was something I didn't want to happen.

Fortunately I managed to finish quite a bit of research for the presentation and alot of it on how to measure advertising effectiveness. Really insightful research and rather interesting. But I bet the work can be really difficult. Yet, I wonder if it can be feasible to make money from collecting information, processing it and extrapolating these information into pieces of information that can be acted upon. That would really work for a business idea. I should work on something like that, once I finish up this next business idea i'm doing on the side lines.

I feel very accomplished doing the stuff I'm doing these days. It seems to become a habit doing things very proactively and just getting about to do it when I think about it. I can feel my life becoming more and more fulfilling each time I just take action to do it. Well, the next step now is to get myself incorporated ASAP! before I miss out the chance to do it. Take too long and I know the enthusiasm will die, I've been there and I don't want it to happen. I just gotta make the enthusiasm flow like water running from a tap. I just need to focus.

I guess I gotta start writing the stuff that I want to do and set out to achieve them within a specified date. I need to make myself focus using goals. For real this time. All that talk would go to waste if I dont make a list of what to do. I know and I will do it since its the way the success. Staying disciplined and focused in whatever I am doing.